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I have a column named 'img' for images, and i need to assign the names of the images with the names of the associated entry # 'eno' and concatenate...
.Net Sports
08-04-2009 06:47 PM
.Net Sports Go to last post
6 99
I have a SQL Server 2005 database that I saved in XML format in a text field. I would like a SQL Server function or script to determine if the value...
Joe K.
08-04-2009 05:42 PM
Erland Sommarskog Go to last post
3 107
Hello, I have the following: create table dbo.Roles ( Id uniqueidentifier rowguidcol not null constraint DF_Role_Id default (newid()), ...
08-04-2009 05:14 PM
Aaron Bertrand [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
4 85
Here's the task: 1. A table has components 2. Each component has layers Sample: COKEY ..fields.. CHKEY | SOL_K1 | SOL_BD1 | SOL_...n row1 ...
08-04-2009 05:12 PM
Marilyn Go to last post
4 112
Hello, I have 3 tables: Posts, Tags and PostsTags. - When a Post is deleted I need to: Delete all PostsTags related to it. No record in Tags should...
08-04-2009 04:58 PM
Hugo Kornelis Go to last post
1 101
How to list datetime data for only date format, like mm/dd/yyyy? I knew how to use convert to make it working but it will not date type. It become...
aspfun via SQLMonster.com
08-04-2009 04:39 PM
Aaron Bertrand [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
1 106
I have a column in a SQL table called AmountCharged, which contains numbers with decimal. What function I can use so that I could retrieve the...
08-04-2009 04:24 PM
Jeremy A. Holovacs Go to last post
4 106
(First, sorry for the cross post...) Hi, all and thanks in advance for the assistance! In sql server 2000 i'm working with my first trigger and it...
08-04-2009 03:19 PM
EJO Go to last post
6 133
I have a table that has multiple rows for each transactions and I need to select data from the second row based on criteria from the first row. Here...
08-04-2009 03:10 PM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
2 114
I imported a whole bunch of name and address. How can I write a select statement that will only show people with the same Lastname so I can see...
08-04-2009 03:05 PM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
4 107
Hello, Please, someone point me to a most excellent example of an aging of accounts receiveable. Thanking you in advance. wj
08-04-2009 12:41 PM
Bob McClellan Go to last post
1 107
Hi, From a table I want to find out aggregated sales for each State every 5 minutes. i.e., for example something like below Minutes StateId Amount...
08-04-2009 12:40 PM
TheSQLGuru Go to last post
1 114
hello there i've just installed Failover clustering on servers. after that Insert data to table works very slow. What is the difference in...
Roy Goldhammer
08-04-2009 12:38 PM
TheSQLGuru Go to last post
3 119
I want to have one main server which holds all the data which is connected to two other servers which have the same data replicated as long as they...
08-04-2009 12:34 PM
TheSQLGuru Go to last post
4 104
Hello, I am running my SQL to create some tables and I get a few errors but not the code lines where they are. I am working with VS 2008 and have a...
08-04-2009 12:32 PM
TheSQLGuru Go to last post
5 132
This works: <remove name="LocalSqlServer"/> <add name="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="Data Source=;Integrated...
08-04-2009 12:16 PM
AAaron123 Go to last post
1 135
Hello, I have been searching for this but I can't find it. Could someone confirm me that the default values for On Delete and On Update are on SQL...
08-04-2009 11:06 AM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
1 111
Hello, I have the following table: create table dbo.PostsTags ( PostId uniqueidentifier not null, TagId uniqueidentifier not null, constraint...
08-04-2009 09:19 AM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
5 112
Hello, I am creating the tables of SQL 2008 database. Most of the code is mine but 4 of the tables code came from another project. The way I and...
08-04-2009 07:35 AM
shapper Go to last post
3 156
Dan I built a scheduler very similar to this several years back. The missing piece in your case (as I am sure others will chime in) is to build a...
J. M. De Moor
08-04-2009 05:54 AM
Dan Bridgland Go to last post
2 106
Hello, I'm trying to inner join two vieuws in the CRM database using the id column which is a uniqueidentifier. The result is always 0 rows. When I...
08-04-2009 04:24 AM
Eric Isaacs Go to last post
11 182
Guys, I am sending a registration confirmation from my application. I am using: EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @_profile_name, @recipients=...
Craig Lister
08-04-2009 03:08 AM
Craig Lister Go to last post
3 133
I have 2 tables in 2 different databases. Both the tables have a common field ItemNumber. I would like to synchronize the data between these 2 tables...
Mary Phelps
08-04-2009 02:35 AM
Uri Dimant Go to last post
2 127
Using SQL 2005 I want to provide a list of the last five url's a client has click on and not show duplicates, keeping jn mind the time factor could...
08-04-2009 02:34 AM
Uri Dimant Go to last post
4 132
Hi, 1) I need to find out all the column names in table A by using select statement. I remembered that there is a system file storing...
08-04-2009 01:34 AM
Michael Go to last post
2 136
Hi, I have a simple table called A with one column X. Table A has 100 rows with X values from 1 to 100 step 1 as follows. X 1 2 3 ....
08-03-2009 10:21 PM
Michael Go to last post
5 121
Hi, We have to do a mass update of a column from a table that has a value like 82730000 where '8' represents the year (i.e. 2008, 273 is the...
08-03-2009 05:39 PM
Tom Cooper Go to last post
5 142
Hi Just a general question: Is it considered good design if a table is such that the PK fields are the first fields on the table (and also that the...
Stephen Howe
08-03-2009 05:25 PM
Erland Sommarskog Go to last post
6 140
I am trying to run a cleanup script that deletes values from a table based on an expiration date in another table. We will run this script daily. The...
08-03-2009 05:17 PM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
5 75
The sac.exe utility in SQL Server 2005 Express creates a text file documenting server and instance settings. What tool or procedure can be used to...
Richard Mueller [MVP]
08-03-2009 04:27 PM
Bob Beauchemin Go to last post
1 78
SQL Rookie, in need of help... Im running an append qry in a stored procedure, it seems to run correctly except for a couple of issues. There is an...
08-03-2009 04:13 PM
Bob McClellan Go to last post
6 74
Hello, Is there a normalized naming for tables that create Many to Many relationships? For example, to relate Posts and Tags I use PostsTags as the...
08-03-2009 02:05 PM
Eric Isaacs Go to last post
2 39
Hello, I have am using SQL Server and Entity Framework to create my Entities. On my SQL code I have: create table Assets ( ID uniqueidentifier not...
08-03-2009 01:56 PM
Eric Isaacs Go to last post
7 61
Hi, I'm stuck on this and I cant see the solution. I want to see the TestNumber,Student , Total of each test (by testnumber) of the student...
08-03-2009 09:37 AM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
3 55
In SQL Server it almost certainly does... Celko himself will admit that he hasn't even touched SQL Server since 7.0. Which could explain why most...
08-03-2009 09:25 AM
Aaron Bertrand [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
8 45
hi i sow the below code for saving a data into a filestream enabled table on a filestream enabled database, but its far away from what i want to do,...
Ammar S. Mitoori
08-03-2009 06:55 AM
Charles Wang [MSFT] Go to last post
1 40
Hello, I have 3 tables: Posts, Users and Subjects. Each User can be related to one or more Subjects so I created the table UsersSubjects. Each...
08-03-2009 03:47 AM
RickNZ Go to last post
2 58
I have a column in the db called 'images' that references images dynamically according to the record associated, and displays it on html page....
Righetti Tartabull
08-03-2009 03:36 AM
RickNZ Go to last post
1 46
I have a voltage number and a table of parts I need to look through. The table is of transfomers each with it's own voltage. What I need to do...
Mike Coleman
08-03-2009 03:27 AM
RickNZ Go to last post
3 41
I have developed an application in C# that includes... using Microsoft.SqlServer.Management; using Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo; using...
Doug Tumeo
08-03-2009 01:10 AM
papy normand Go to last post
4 51
In my company we have customer, who got services, who got item inside each service, like below. CUSTOMER PK1 NAME SERVICE CUSTOMER_PK1 ...
André Freitas
08-02-2009 07:38 PM
--CELKO-- Go to last post
1 46
salesid custid Amt 001 XXX 2000 001 YYY 1500 001 ZZZ 1200 002 TTT 1450 002 MMM 500
08-01-2009 04:40 PM
John Bell Go to last post
3 39
hi, my webpage will be having a listbox (asp.net) which will allow users to select from multiple values, those values i want to be able to pass into...
08-01-2009 12:33 PM
Aaron Bertrand [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
10 77
This is a two part question having to do the SP names. ( SQLServer 2000) 1) SPs have two names, the name that apprears in the list of SPs(In...
08-01-2009 10:59 AM
JB Go to last post
4 61
hi i have the below code to create a database and enable filestream on it can some one show me same code but to alter a database called eHealth to...
Ammar S. Mitoori
08-01-2009 06:44 AM
jacob.reliancesp@gmail.com Go to last post
2 45
Hello, I have two tables: Professors and Articles. I need to classify the lessons given by the professors and their articles using the following...
07-31-2009 04:46 PM
shapper Go to last post
3 66
i have tried to use try/catch/raiserror like in this example : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178592.aspx u used it beacuse i didnt want...
07-31-2009 11:45 AM
Erland Sommarskog Go to last post
8 44
I have a stored procedure with 3 statements in a transaction: 1) TRUNCATE TABLE myTable 2) INSERT INTO myTable ... 3) EXEC master..xp_cmdshell...
07-31-2009 08:41 AM
bh Go to last post
5 67
Hi All, I have a adjacency list model on a table. The table's script is; CREATE TABLE .( IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, NOT NULL, NULL, (50) NOT...
Adam The Generic
07-31-2009 07:50 AM
Plamen Ratchev Go to last post
8 41
Hello all, I have a varchar type column which stores data like below. (sample values for 7 rows) (@2857 + @2858 + @2859 + @2860 + @2861 +...
White Rabbit
07-31-2009 06:41 AM
John Bell Go to last post
5 56
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