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Hi I wrote one stored procedure which accepts ServerName as parameter, then I used sp_addLinkedServer to connect that server and I wrote a query...
Anitha T
08-31-2004 06:51 PM
Anitha T Go to last post
1 38
I am trying to replace a text string using like but can't seem to get it to work. SQL won't accept the first instance of like. What I have so...
08-31-2004 05:41 PM
Go to last post
4 34
Please help...this is what I have so far... Creating a temp table to hold all the ids from table1 that match my criteria. Then would like to delete...
08-31-2004 05:34 PM
oj Go to last post
1 41
Hi, I have a table with 2 text fields (A, B), I need to write a query, one of the condition is to list records which have different value of A and...
Hardy Wang
08-31-2004 05:13 PM
oj Go to last post
1 35
We've been using Application Roles for more than 6 months. Up to few days ago it worked very well. Suddenly it got very slow. We tried to connect to...
08-31-2004 05:02 PM
Unkle Vo Go to last post
2 34
Hi, I was testing the Beta Release of SQL Server 2005, error when detach database from sql server 2000 -> i attached database to SQL Server 2005 ->...
08-31-2004 04:46 PM
Erland Sommarskog Go to last post
1 40
You might be affected by the 'parameter sniffing'. http://tinyurl.com/4w4gc If you post simplified codes here, someone might be able to give...
08-31-2004 04:41 PM
oj Go to last post
1 29
I can only comment, if you can show us how the 'key generating' table is accessed. You can also get specific information on the deadlock, by turning...
Narayana Vyas Kondreddi
08-31-2004 03:55 PM
David Browne Go to last post
2 38
Hi, I just tried to restore a "last night backup" to a point in time. The backup has been made at 2am. The transaction log backup has been made at...
Jochen Daum
08-31-2004 03:40 PM
Jochen Daum Go to last post
2 37
Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an...
08-31-2004 03:15 PM
Hugo Kornelis Go to last post
9 39
varchar (Multi-page thread 1 2 )
"payyans" <payyans (AT) discussions (DOT) microsoft.com> wrote If you mean variables in memory, yes, I believe it does allocate the full 8000 bytes...
08-31-2004 03:00 PM
Hugo Kornelis Go to last post
12 89
I have various UPDATEs and INSERTs that I would like to "test run" before I execute them "for real" in order to at least see that them are touching...
Larry Woods
08-31-2004 02:26 PM
Harag Go to last post
10 68
I'm in a quandary. I have an application where one row of a table needs to be related to zero-to-many two-character state codes. One idea that has...
Toby Herring
08-31-2004 02:23 PM
David Browne Go to last post
3 35
Query cost and execution time are not the same! -- http://www.aspfaq.com/ (Reverse address to reply.) "Victor Feng" <VictorFeng (AT) discussions...
Aaron [SQL Server MVP]
08-31-2004 01:54 PM
Gert-Jan Strik Go to last post
3 34
Hi, in one of the tables I have a column of image data type where data is stored in binary format (encrypted). Is there a way of converting it to...
08-31-2004 12:57 PM
Adam Machanic Go to last post
3 33
Hello, As im exploring SQL Server, ive run into something that seems quite odd, so i just wanted to ask the experts, and find out if this is...
A Traveler
08-31-2004 12:56 PM
Adam Machanic Go to last post
14 57
Using an SQL statement, I need to know whether a field in a table is: a) been autoincremented b) the increment amount (1,2,etc) c) the seed (what...
Les Hughes
08-31-2004 12:39 PM
Aaron [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
5 47
I would like to conactenate data from 2 numeric columns into a 3rd field with the following fixed format: XXX-XXXX Here's my syntax: update...
Bill Nguyen
08-31-2004 12:22 PM
Bill Nguyen Go to last post
3 30
On SQL Server 2000, can you pass a table variable as a param to a stored procedure as either input or output?
Robert E. Flaherty
08-31-2004 12:05 PM
Graeme Malcolm Go to last post
3 38
Where does Microsoft say this? There is no hard and fast rule about what kind of query plan goes with what kind of query, and if Microsoft says...
Victor Feng
08-31-2004 11:53 AM
Steve Kass Go to last post
2 41
I am not certain how to accomplish this task and would appreciate any suggestions with specifics. I currently have SQL script that inserts about...
Kevin L
08-31-2004 11:42 AM
Aaron [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
8 35
Is there some "global" variable that contains the affected rows from a SQL execution? In other words, where is Query Analyzer getting the info for...
Larry Woods
08-31-2004 11:29 AM
Kalen Delaney Go to last post
2 40
We have Sql2k on windows2003 (With sql2k servicepack3) I have a network drive Z: mapping to \\ \xyfolder on this server When I try...
08-31-2004 10:43 AM
Sai Go to last post
6 72
Say I have a group of tables that are all related to each other in a nested tree like manner, where each table has a 'parent id' column that points...
Dot net work
08-31-2004 10:22 AM
Dot Net Work Go to last post
3 25
Hi - I'm have a VB.NET Windows application that uses an MSDE database. I'm trying to code backup, restore, and checkdb/repair functions. Before...
08-31-2004 10:09 AM
Jeff Go to last post
5 49
I have a scheduled job that has shown its status as "Performing Completion Actions" for several days now and from as far as I can tell, isn't holding...
Robert Taylor
08-31-2004 09:22 AM
Robert Taylor Go to last post
6 43
Can a computed column use case logic ? Given two column X and Y can I create a computed column Z which basically says if column Y is Null populate...
08-31-2004 08:37 AM
Jacco Schalkwijk Go to last post
3 38
Current Recordset does not support updating. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. my connection string Set...
Savas Ates
08-31-2004 07:45 AM
Ilya Margolin Go to last post
1 44
I am generating a varchar variable and for some reason it fails on the following line of the where clause, and (se.departureDateTime <...
08-31-2004 07:04 AM
Uri Dimant Go to last post
12 64
Hi, I have a table Notify ------------ NotifyID int Primary Key UserEmail Varchar(64), EstateId int I would like to ask if someone knows how could...
Viktor Popov
08-31-2004 07:00 AM
Wayne Snyder Go to last post
2 29
how can i get the following sample query to insert if 'licence' is not found, but only updatye if it is found update table1 set name = ' TEST' Where...
Peter Newman
08-31-2004 06:42 AM
Daniel Doyle Go to last post
2 37
Hi, I'm new to MSSQL world and I have a little question: I have just added a new field to a table containing some 3000 rows... The new field has...
Peter Osawa
08-31-2004 04:42 AM
Peter Osawa Go to last post
2 33
Hi, I have a table Notify ------------ NotifyID int Primary Key UserEmail Varchar(64), EstateId int I would like to ask if someone knows how could...
Viktor Popov
08-31-2004 04:37 AM
Harag Go to last post
1 37
Hi experts I posted the 'dates in sql' question a while ago but it dosn't seem to have been replied to. I'm still having problems calculating...
08-31-2004 04:31 AM
Hugo Kornelis Go to last post
1 38
I need SQL to insert the date when a record is created, but it keeps reverting to full date & time (31/08/2004 09:54:23) - I only want the date, not...
08-31-2004 04:17 AM
Itzik Ben-Gan Go to last post
1 38
I have two stored proecedures that i wish to have NEVER run at the same time to avoid loosing all my data: sp_archive and sp_restore if they...
08-31-2004 04:17 AM
Andres Taylor Go to last post
2 52
Well at least for me ;o) I have this sql here that runs fine SELECT tblCompany.Company, tblCompany.Address, tblCompany.City,
08-31-2004 03:56 AM
Roji. P. Thomas Go to last post
3 63
Hi, I use a cursor in my SP. I have no problem with the FETCH NEXT instruction but I don't know why, the FETCH FIRST and FETCH PRIOR always return...
08-31-2004 03:28 AM
Tibor Karaszi Go to last post
2 29
Hi, I have two clients that run my VB app and both connect to one sql server. I want to display new records in the client as soon as they're inserted...
Amin Sobati
08-31-2004 03:25 AM
John Bell Go to last post
3 39
I've been working on a stored procedure doing lots of little changes trying to get that little bit more speed. I've been making the change and then...
08-31-2004 02:29 AM
Uri Dimant Go to last post
1 34
I have a set of data that has two fields, LowNumber and HighNumber. In most cases, LowNumber and HighNumber can readily be converted to int...
Robert May
08-31-2004 01:31 AM
David Portas Go to last post
3 33
Hi, I have got a performance problem with one of my SQL 2000 DB table. The table stores invoice details. The query uses "Like '%Invoice Number%'" to...
08-31-2004 01:27 AM
Andrew John Go to last post
3 29
Dear Experts, Case description: At the local server (Server A), I have created a stored procedure (SP) to get the data from 2 oversea servers...
Devil Garfield
08-31-2004 01:06 AM
Andrew John Go to last post
1 23
I've been struggling all day with a stored procedure. I originally wrote it using views to get it working and it was taking about 30 min to run. ...
08-30-2004 11:41 PM
Derek Go to last post
3 55
I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this msg.. I'm a bit new to SQL server and here's what I have: I've created a stored procedure in SQL...
Pam Davey
08-30-2004 11:13 PM
Pam Davey Go to last post
2 38
Here's the table: CREATE TABLE Item ( GalleryID int NOT NULL , ItemID INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY , ImageThumb VARCHAR(255) ) GO What I want is to...
John Bonds
08-30-2004 09:43 PM
John Bonds Go to last post
2 38
OK, I see what you mean. Although you cannot declare a variable to be of type text/ntext, you can use a stored proc parameter. Within the scope of...
Tom Moreau
08-30-2004 09:38 PM
Steve Kass Go to last post
4 60
I've got two things I'd like to know. First is how to represent a FileSystem (top node is a directory, child nodes are either a file or directory) as...
08-30-2004 07:08 PM
Wayne Snyder Go to last post
1 35
We are trying to bulk insert a file residing on a network share not on the SQL Server machine. We gave read-only permission to Everyone on the share...
Young, Corey
08-30-2004 05:41 PM
Aaron [SQL Server MVP] Go to last post
1 31
Hi. I'm trying to build the delete query from a database. The problem is that the item I try to delete has a column that is the foreign key of...
Diego F.
08-30-2004 05:16 PM
Hugo Kornelis Go to last post
7 47
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