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Please help. I have a website running on a linux/apache/mysql/php server. I receive about 8,000-10,000 visitors a day with about 200,000 to 300,000...
09-07-2006 06:47 PM
Gordon Burditt Go to last post
1 159
Hi all, i used to use mysql front with my old mysql 3.x version. now i have upgraded to mysql 5.0 and i have just discovered mysql front is not...
09-07-2006 03:55 AM
xkp Go to last post
2 277
hi two days before arount 20,000 rows are manuly deleted, is there any way to recover it back. We have backup, that is 10 days old, Is there any way...
09-06-2006 07:40 AM
Jerry Gitomer Go to last post
2 242
Hey everyone. I have this query select * from `TableName` where `SomeIDField` > 0 I can open a mysql command prompt and execute this command with...
09-05-2006 06:06 AM
elitecodex Go to last post
5 175
I have query like below: SELECT part_no,part_nm,qty FROM tb_stok_out ORDER BY part_no as result: part_no part_nm qty aaa asdfd 3 abab sdfsdf 4 abab...
09-04-2006 03:45 PM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
1 163
Hi I'm making a nightlife listings system. I have a table that stores listings, the type of listing can be either an event at a night-club event, at...
09-04-2006 11:19 AM
TWIOF Go to last post
1 166
When adding a new record in my forum, if the new thread is the parent thread, the Parent_Ancestor takes on the record ID (field called Forum). For...
09-03-2006 09:29 PM
RioRanchoMan Go to last post
2 193
Dear all, I am very new in MySQL, I am working on image database project for my research and I have problem how to convert blob field into float ...
09-02-2006 04:30 PM
Aggro Go to last post
1 185
I have a field that contains an underscore. How can I do a query for the underscore since I just found that underscore really doesn't...
09-02-2006 04:22 PM
Aggro Go to last post
1 176
I have MySQL 5.0 on my W2K network. It has always worked fine. For some unknown reason, this morning one of my applications that uses the database,...
09-01-2006 06:27 PM
mikedlnk2000@gmail.com Go to last post
1 188
HI, i have a set of tables reffering to various aspects of a nigh-life listings system. I have tables named gigs and venues. Each gig has a...
09-01-2006 01:17 PM
Aggro Go to last post
1 148
When I execute the command "show create view" while logged in as root I get this error: "select command denied to user 'root'@'%' for column (a...
No bother
09-01-2006 12:06 PM
No bother Go to last post
1 165
I would like to ask , if I can restrict a user from a single table. I want him to be able to create,alter,delete all the tables but one, which I want...
D. Mexis
09-01-2006 08:45 AM
Michael Austin Go to last post
1 189
Having just upgraded to from Suse 10.0 to 10.1 mysql-administrator will not work. When I try to acccess it I get the following...
09-01-2006 08:37 AM
Michael Austin Go to last post
1 304
Let's say I have a query that will return a collection of rows with a datetime field: SELECT User,Activity,Timestamp FROM `table` WHERE Activity =...
08-31-2006 09:49 AM
Kevin Go to last post
2 145
Hi, i've installed OCS Inventory NG for inventory and it has installed Mysql ver: mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.18, for Win32 now i have to make a...
08-30-2006 08:07 PM
No bother Go to last post
1 169
My understand is that MYSQL only supports indexes on the beginning of a string of data. for example, if you have a list of email addresses,...
08-30-2006 12:35 AM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
1 156
Beginners question: I'm a little confused about the working of the mysql-cache. I don't understand the mechanism. What is it exactly you cash ? The...
08-28-2006 06:03 AM
Peppi Go to last post
2 257
I want to have a field where I store a list of what categories that particular row falls under, I don't know which format to do or how I would query...
08-27-2006 08:33 AM
Jerry Gitomer Go to last post
1 192
Hi everybody As we know that replication process uses 3 threads- 1. Master thread (Binlog Dump) 2. I/O thread 3. Sql Thread Now I have some...
08-25-2006 04:01 AM
davie Go to last post
1 137
can anyone explain to me what the pros and cons are of creating indexes on mysql tables. do they increase query speed? and if so at what cost? im...
08-24-2006 07:59 PM
lark Go to last post
3 340
Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is a rather general database performance question I think. But since I'm running WAMP I...
08-24-2006 05:43 AM
davie Go to last post
2 129
Given a primary key field `RecNo` - Are there any performance reasons to favor one of these two otherwise equivalant expressions? SELECT...
Thomas Bartkus
08-22-2006 07:38 PM
strawberry Go to last post
1 159
Hello people, There is a problem is that mysql_connect() somehow caches last sessions IP and is not using the one which you put into host...
08-22-2006 07:54 AM
hugo Go to last post
1 138
I have a new system Im building that stores entries of what people are searching for on my sites. I want to be able to keep records of how many...
08-22-2006 12:39 AM
l3vi Go to last post
15 387
hi, i want to display the five most recent rows in my table (there is a timestamp), but sorted in ascending order. the problem is that when i...
08-21-2006 03:49 AM
Mark Go to last post
6 235
hi. i have two tables. table one ("users") contains two columns, "user_id", and "user_name" table two ("spam") contains three columns...
08-21-2006 03:45 AM
Mark Go to last post
4 191
hi, I've following table: +----+-------------+----------+-------+-------+ I've products from diffrent delivers and I'd like to write the...
08-20-2006 05:14 PM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
3 175
I have a table with rowid and name as columns and I want to insert multiple names in the same record. Can anyone help me?? Thanks,
08-18-2006 12:12 PM
davie Go to last post
2 144
OK, I'm officially frustrated. I had MySQL 4.0.18 running as a service on my WinXP laptop, along with MySQLAdministrator, and a new tool, DB...
08-18-2006 12:04 PM
davie Go to last post
1 200
I am using WinXP, GNU Emacs 23, MySQL 5. When I start a mysql process with `sql-mysql' in emacs, no output is displayed in the buffer until I quit or...
08-18-2006 10:54 AM
sparkw Go to last post
2 171
Is there a GUI utility which can create a new table in my mysql database from a 50 million-record text file? I want mysql to get the data into the...
08-18-2006 12:41 AM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
4 143
i've got mysql 5.0 and I have 50 million records in a text file on an external USB 2.0 hard drive. I can import the file into a mySQL database on my...
08-17-2006 04:45 PM
Steven Musumeche Go to last post
2 141
I am try to create a procedure that does inserts and returns a command: DELIMITER $$ DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `testDB`.`insmod` $$ CREATE PROCEDURE...
08-16-2006 05:31 PM
deja.10.thrillho@spamgourmet.com Go to last post
1 112
I am migrating bugzilla from mysql 3 to mysql 5. I cannot upgrade bugzilla itself yet, I must migrate it first. One (probably several) of the queries...
08-16-2006 02:51 PM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
2 141
The following query: SELECT rownum from(SELECT @rownum:=@rownum+1 rownum, t.*FROM (SELECT @rownum:=0) r, (SELECT Application FROM...
08-16-2006 10:09 AM
RobbGMelenyk@gmail.com Go to last post
1 145
In my SQL class, we are using the book, "SQL: A Beginner's Guide: Second Edition", by Robert Sheldon. However, we are also mostly using MySQL,...
Earthlink Newsgroups
08-16-2006 05:41 AM
strawberry Go to last post
1 250
"ENUM('value1','value2',...) => 1 or 2 bytes, depending on the number of enumeration values (65,535 values maximum)" This seems to mean: "a" = 1...
08-15-2006 12:51 PM
StupidScript Go to last post
7 167
Hi,all I am using Mysql 5.0 But I get an error message for calling procedure with mysql_query(). My program is shown below: Thank &...
Gary li
08-15-2006 10:28 AM
Gary li Go to last post
2 134
ok I want to do a dump daily of my database, this works fine, however the problem I have is that while the dump is executing itself, I cant access my...
08-14-2006 03:11 PM
Pelle Giss Go to last post
5 189
I have: col1 col2 item1 3 item1 5 item2 7 item2 3 item1 4 item3 4 I'm looking for the result:
08-14-2006 09:33 AM
strawberry Go to last post
4 252
Hi, I have a table with a list of companies, with fields like this (simplyfied): ID (int, auto_increment) CompanyName (text) ContactPerson...
08-14-2006 04:49 AM
macmorten@gmail.com Go to last post
3 142
Folks - some years ago a thread was started (I believe) by a gentleman named Creigh Shank regarding his use of a RAMdisk mySQL db. I am trying to...
08-13-2006 07:54 PM
Claude Go to last post
2 221
I have this query which works to insert and update the row. Problem is I need it to check and see if a value in the row is the same as the...
08-12-2006 08:35 PM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
1 261
Hi I'm in need of creating reporting database. What I have to do it is to replicate only half of tables to next database so reports could query only...
08-11-2006 09:07 AM
Steven Musumeche Go to last post
5 247
Hi all , I have sql statement below...
08-11-2006 04:06 AM
strawberry Go to last post
6 165
After creating a new user and executing "mysqladmin flush-privileges" I have lost all my privileges, I cant connect as root or any other user. Any...
08-10-2006 05:25 PM
razedk Go to last post
1 134
Hello My web hosting company has lost my data due to the mysql software failing, it only affected those people using innoDB engine. I asked them why...
08-10-2006 12:43 PM
Bill Karwin Go to last post
5 138
I want to do the equivalent of SELECT id from TABLE WHERE text='text' only fast solution I found is: SELECT id,text from TABLE WHERE MATCH(text)...
08-10-2006 10:39 AM
jmichel Go to last post
4 165
Ok, I was making some changes in privileges and must have deleted the localhost account... it seems I'm pretty much locked out. Is there...
Bill H
08-08-2006 01:24 PM
Bill H Go to last post
3 244
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