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--=====================_659180812==.ALT Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Hi, I am usually handed prebuilt servers with everything...
John Day
10-22-2003 03:15 PM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
4 241
--=-Nc4xb6DlUDf0M4RY5lfm Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Hi, This is a simple patch to fully qualify constant subs from...
Aaron Ross
10-22-2003 12:59 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
2 262
Hi, Sorry about this but I'm having severe difficulty finding information on this. What is the correct syntax for deleting from a database in perl...
mark o' sullivan
10-22-2003 09:32 AM
Leif W Go to last post
6 399
Hi, Anyone know is it possible to get a string from a drop-down menu in a form and pass it from one perl script to another. The way it currently...
mark o' sullivan
10-22-2003 09:13 AM
Leif W Go to last post
1 299
I tried to install DBD-mysql-2.9002 on Solaris with perl 5.8.1 When I run 'make' I get few times the message: ... Can't exec "mysql_config": No such...
Afgin Shlomit
10-21-2003 07:54 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
2 259
Hi, Anyone know the correct syntax for using a select/comparison statement in the current version of mysql? I'm having extreme difficulty doing the...
mark o' sullivan
10-21-2003 06:46 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 259
Hi all, First time poster, and UNIX newbie attempting to get Bugzilla up and running on my Mac OS X box. I did an install from source for Perl...
David Graham
10-21-2003 12:03 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 230
I use perl 5.8.1 and gcc 3.3 in 'make test' I get in the begining: .... t/50chopblanks.....Illegal character in prototype for main::ErrMsg : @_...
Afgin Shlomit
10-20-2003 09:17 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 234
I'm writing a script to print out all of the tables in a database and the column descriptions of each table. So far, I have the...
Dan Jones
10-17-2003 12:02 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 255
------_=_NextPart_001_01C39423.F4440310 Content-Type: text/plain When I run perl Makefile.pl, I get the following error: Can't exec "mysql_config":...
Jimmy Morgan
10-16-2003 03:37 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 265
Hello, I found some memory leak in my perl script using DBI/DBD::mysql module. (My script runs many INSERT in a loop using DBI/DBD). I checked...
Mr W.K. Kim
10-16-2003 12:11 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 283
Hello list, It has now been two weeks of dealing with this problem. My situation so far: After finally getting MySQL reinstalled and working it is...
Carol Andrejak
10-16-2003 10:53 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
2 247
Greetings, I am trying to install DBD-mysql on a fresh install of Redhat 8 Linux. I have MySQL installed from the RH distribution. (3.23.52) I ran...
10-14-2003 03:15 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 255
Hi, a few days ago I wrote that variables that got dynamically created from the contents of mysql tables were correct with an older mysql...
Wolfgang Friebel
10-13-2003 12:15 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 245
Unlike installing any other perl module I've tried, this isn't obvious or straightforward... 1. I installed DBI-1.38 2. When I ran 'perl...
Anderson, James H [IT]
10-10-2003 10:24 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 249
--0-1097725964-1065723975=:16255 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hello listers, I have been having a terrible time trying to get the...
Carol Andrejak
10-09-2003 11:23 PM
John Von Essen Go to last post
2 243
All: I am converting sections of web pages to strings and storing them in a MYSQL database. The field I use for storage has been defined with...
Steve Schein
10-07-2003 03:38 PM
brianm@invite.net Go to last post
1 283
I'm moving from MS SQL to mySQL while using perl and dbi. I'm trying to preform the following statement... MS SQL ---------------------- DECLARE...
10-06-2003 09:51 PM
John Von Essen Go to last post
1 319
Hi, I have a question regarding the handling of UTF-8 data using the DBD-mysql driver. I'm running Perl 5.8.0 with MySQL 3.23.56 (via DBD-mysql). ...
Steve Hay
10-06-2003 05:14 AM
Steve Hay Go to last post
8 337
Hi, Anyone know of good resources for perl written forums which interact with mysql...
10-03-2003 09:50 AM
Leif W Go to last post
1 247
I want to compare the password, which the user typed in (in a textfield) = with a password, which is in a MySQL-db. I tried the following: =09my...
Unternährer Thomas, uth
10-03-2003 04:27 AM
Aleksey Kishkin Go to last post
1 254
Hi all, I'm trying still to programm a websurvey with saving the data in a db. On the first page the user has to fill out a form (some...
Unternährer Thomas, uth
10-02-2003 06:13 AM
Ulrich Borchers Go to last post
1 275
I learned about placeholders/bind variables from this list and have been using them relatively successfully for a little bit now. However,...
Mike Garner
10-02-2003 01:47 AM
Mike Garner Go to last post
1 256
Hi! I'm running : - Solaris 9 SPARC - Perl 5.8.0 and I installed : * DBI
Yuri Huitron Alvarado
10-01-2003 11:19 AM
Yuri Huitron Alvarado Go to last post
2 244
I've fixed my swapping issues, but the system continues to get stuck in a 'sending data' phase from time to time. With mod_perl + mysql, this phase...
09-29-2003 10:58 PM
Kevin Go to last post
3 311
On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Jochen Wiedmann wrote: Thanks, meanwhile by trial and error I found the bug that causes the weird behaviour. This time it...
Wolfgang Friebel
09-26-2003 10:57 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 205
Thanks for the quick response. I tried it and still got the same thing. Just sits for awhile then completes with blank screen. I am using a...
Tim Dellinger
09-24-2003 05:38 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 224
ÇѼ÷°æ wrote: Get yourself the latest version of the driver (2.9003_1, from the directory authors/R/RU/RUDY) and retry with that. Most probably you...
Jochen Wiedmann
09-23-2003 01:11 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
2 316
Hi, when compiling the DBD::mysql driver with Visual C++ 6, I receive the following linker error: mysqlclient.lib(password.obj) : error LNK2001:...
Jochen Wiedmann
09-21-2003 11:18 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
2 287
All: I'm in the process of tracking down a problem I am having with getting a MySQL 4.0.11x database to work with Perl ithreads. I'm on a...
Steve Schein
09-20-2003 07:43 PM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 250
HI All, Need help desperatly... I am running MySQL 3.23.52-3 under Linux RH 8.0 with Perl DBD 2.1017-3 and Perl DBI 1.30-1. The queries are made...
Luc Prieur
09-19-2003 02:31 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
1 193
On the mysqlcc list Adam Hooper just wrote: This seems like it might be relevant to diagnosing my DBD::mysql::db::_login crash, so in the hope it...
Dave Howorth
09-18-2003 01:58 PM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 206
Hi, Anyone know the solution to this problem? I'm trying to install dbd-mysql from source and am using 'mysqlclient.lib' from visual C++ 6.0. I'm...
09-17-2003 11:50 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 249
Hello all, Just a mail to tell you that I finally solved this long issue on my SUN Solaris 8. As for the last people talking about this, I...
Michael Koch
09-16-2003 02:46 AM
Michael Koch Go to last post
3 209
Hi I need to know how and where to tell mysql to look for mysql.sock. I am using mysql version 3.23.55 and SUSE Linux 8.2. My problem is that i...
michael watson
09-15-2003 09:38 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
6 270
hello guys, after upgrading DBD::mysql from 2.1026 to 2.9002 i ran into the problem that after a fork(), the child looses connection to the...
H. Steuer
09-15-2003 09:27 AM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
5 216
I'm getting the same "make test" error that Ben Eisel posted August 5th, there was no reply on that thread. I'm using gcc 3.3, perl 5.8.0 (compiled...
Dan Temple
09-12-2003 01:26 AM
Dan Temple Go to last post
8 209
Hello, (Sorry if this message*is duplicated) * Please, which way to create mysql table backup is the most painless? I used to do that as described...
09-11-2003 04:16 PM
case510@yahoo.com Go to last post
7 273
I'm having problems updating a text field in a MySQL (4.0.12) database. I'm taking user input from a textarea field on an HTML form and attempting...
Mike Garner
09-11-2003 03:47 AM
Ulrich Borchers Go to last post
2 208
------=_NextPart_000_00E9_01C376E0.89332C50 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-7" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Dear Sirs, I...
Kostas Milonakis
09-09-2003 07:41 AM
Jochen Wiedmann Go to last post
1 199
I had a working 3.23.x mysql installation, with DBI DBD::mysql. I decided to scrap that in favour of mysql 4.1. My goal was to take advantage of the...
09-09-2003 04:04 AM
sigfrid.lundberg@lub.lu.se Go to last post
1 249
Hi, when I try to install DBD:Mysql module on Redhat Linux 9.0, the first command "perl Makefile.PL" produces following...
Mahendra Ladhe
09-08-2003 03:13 AM
Mahendra Ladhe Go to last post
2 264
On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Matt Lyon wrote: chmod go+rx the mysql directory. Rudy -- MySQL Perl Mailing List
Rudy Lippan
08-31-2003 10:47 AM
Matt Lyon Go to last post
2 223
Here's something that you might be able to use: http://www.mattkruse.com/javascript/autocomplete/ You would just have to change the Perl script to...
Greg Meckes
08-27-2003 03:27 PM
Leif W Go to last post
1 285
Hey Madhu...i wish i had System permissions...anyway.. i tried that too... but the same error...if you look at the...
santosh kandi
08-22-2003 04:01 PM
santosh kandi Go to last post
2 284
Greetings. I am having a problem with the above mentioned file. When I unzip and try and install, I get a nasty error, complaining about line 89 in...
Dan Symula
08-21-2003 02:56 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
2 211
when I added --nocatchstderr option, I got these error message, Could you please tell me how and where to add +z or +Z option. the error message...
Kangara, Madhu
08-21-2003 02:27 PM
Kangara, Madhu Go to last post
1 275
On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 10:58:27AM -0700, Hodge, Jeff F (ECIII) wrote: Yes. Small bugs are in both test suite and driver. This bug was already...
Alexey Stroganov
08-20-2003 09:40 PM
Rudy Lippan Go to last post
2 238
------_=_NextPart_001_01C36671.C94F2250 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Box - mysql 4.0.14/perl 5.8.0/modperl1.28/apache1.38/DBI...
Hodge, Jeff F
08-19-2003 01:12 PM
Leif W Go to last post
1 250
Folks this is my 3 rd email, i hope to get some response. Rudy i am copying you bcoz i have seen your email solution for a similar problem. I am...
santosh kandi
08-19-2003 12:55 PM
santosh kandi Go to last post
3 341
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