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I am a MSAccess programmer and an occasional Visual Foxpro programmer. I need to create an event in a VFP form each time the current record changes...
12-27-2004 03:42 AM
Stefan Wuebbe Go to last post
3 241
Hi - We have some customers using our FPW 2.6 application on a WAN. On one of their site that is connected thru a broadband internet - but a...
12-24-2004 01:48 PM
Dennis P. Harris Go to last post
2 232
I have some code with statements like: what="sometable" use (what) select * from (what) select * from othertable into cursor (what)
Gene Wirchenko
12-23-2004 05:32 PM
Paul Pedersen Go to last post
7 267
aoa heres the prob: when my form is ativated, i fill two of it's fields by fetching some values from db and then placing these values in those...
12-22-2004 09:29 AM
Rick Bean Go to last post
3 233
aoa in valid event of a field,i call a function that displays certain error messages depending on certain conditions.if some error msg is shown(i.e....
12-21-2004 09:34 AM
Rick Bean Go to last post
1 294
I just finished debugging a very long line (text for a message box), and I missed a few delimiters. (It did not help that some of the literal...
Gene Wirchenko
12-20-2004 01:31 PM
Gene Wirchenko Go to last post
2 234
MS Security Bulletin MS04-28 from September, describing critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft GDI+ libraries, was re-issued: "In addition, Microsoft...
Stefan Wuebbe
12-18-2004 05:05 AM
Stefan Wuebbe Go to last post
3 203
I occasionally use FoxPro 2.0. With SET CENTURY ON the program works well in the 21st century environment. However, the LIST FILE command displays a...
Cass Lewart
12-15-2004 03:27 PM
Rick Bean Go to last post
3 238
When a select is being executed, are there any protections in place against tables being changed while the select is executing? I think the answer...
Gene Wirchenko
12-14-2004 10:42 AM
Dan Freeman Go to last post
1 218
I have a table (Table1) which consists of one field..a CHAR(254). I append several million records(sdf). The first line in a set starts with a key...
12-13-2004 03:03 PM
swdev2 Go to last post
1 357
I like to know How can I export a foxpro table to Access database. If I need to use COPY command , what is type I should use. Thanks.
12-10-2004 03:00 AM
Paul Go to last post
1 269
I ran into an interface oddity today. I occasionally use edit to view data when there is only one record that I want to look at. I used edit, then...
Gene Wirchenko
12-09-2004 05:01 PM
Gene Wirchenko Go to last post
5 304
Hey all I'm new to XML, even newer to Fox, and I'm trying to write a short program that will take some XML and dump it into a table. I'm working in...
Chase Davis
12-08-2004 02:18 AM
Eric den Doop Go to last post
1 249
I wrote a small test program which outputs to _screen. I decided that I would like to copy this to a file. Unfortunately, I can not cut/copy this...
Gene Wirchenko
12-02-2004 03:19 PM
Dan Freeman Go to last post
8 204
This is what I do: http://www.freebsdforums.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26277
Michael Green
11-21-2004 08:54 AM
Steve Hayes Go to last post
3 286
I have not used the VFP 9 beta much, because of the Task Pane (?Pain) Manager window. This windows gets in the way. How do I disable it, so it does...
Gene Wirchenko
11-19-2004 11:42 PM
Gene Wirchenko Go to last post
4 258
We just had a new client install one of our applications on a terminal server - something we never tested - and it almost all works. It normally uses...
Rick Bean
11-19-2004 10:28 AM
Josh Assing Go to last post
1 239
I am having problems getting fpw26 and genscrnx to work on xp. I have stripped out all references to MS sans serif in all screens (including the...
Stephen Ibbs
11-18-2004 08:07 PM
Stephen & Shelagh Ibbs Go to last post
5 401
Hi all; Is there a way to change the top margin for a label design in Foxpro Dos? Is there a trick to tell the printer to put less of a top...
11-18-2004 05:23 PM
AK Go to last post
3 392
The following query has been giving me grief. The error I get is "SQL: Error correlating fields". The docs are less than clear on what this...
Gene Wirchenko
11-18-2004 11:11 AM
Gene Wirchenko Go to last post
4 274
Please! I want Browsing window without border and dbf file in it, without header (browse only one field). Is it possible?
El Krbaccha
11-18-2004 06:59 AM
Stefan Wuebbe Go to last post
1 215
Hello, My question concerns calling JAVA from VFP. Our comany has applications in many languages. We have applications in Oracle and Visual Foxpro...
11-16-2004 09:08 PM
swdev2 Go to last post
1 388
Hello all. I have a programmer who made a Purchase Order system in VFP 8 for me, a moderately complex application. He tells me there is no need to...
Eric Liong
11-16-2004 06:06 AM
Eric Liong Go to last post
3 241
I am trying to figure out how to programatically kill a locked DOS window called from a Fox program in WIN 2K. One program (which starts running...
Patrick Rock
11-15-2004 08:08 AM
Paul Go to last post
2 1,423
Hi In VFP6 the tooltip on the Image object Picture property says: "Specifies the graphics file or field to display on the control". OK it's easy to...
Richard Walker
11-13-2004 03:06 AM
Stefan Wuebbe Go to last post
1 238
Hello, We are experiencing an error in our programs running on XP operating Systems. We are using VFP 7.0 and get a "File is in use" error...
11-12-2004 06:02 PM
Bill Browne Go to last post
3 348
Hi world, I use to connect to fox pro using perl very easyly with the odbc drivers on win 98. However it seems to be very different on an XP box. I...
11-11-2004 11:49 AM
swdev2 Go to last post
9 303
Hello, everyone. I've been out of Fox for over 4 years now, and just recently received some FoxPro/VFP maintenance as an assignment. So it looks...
11-11-2004 09:05 AM
Josh Assing Go to last post
1 216
I've just picked up some data in an old vpf 3.02b program, and on running the routines, a reindex throws up the message: "invalid key length" The...
Michael J Davis
11-07-2004 10:34 AM
Michael J Davis Go to last post
7 449
I'm using VFP 9 and have some memory variables which need refreshing and show on the form when the record pointer is on each record. I have my...
Steven J Starace
11-04-2004 07:21 AM
Steven J Starace Go to last post
2 353
My existing app has grown over the years. I learned OOP starting with this app, and some of my code positively creaks. It is starting to bite. I...
Gene Wirchenko
10-31-2004 05:53 PM
Paul Pedersen Go to last post
2 289
There definitely seems to be a major difference in doing SQL selects from Foxpro 8 to FoxPro 9. Specifically FoxPro 9 seems to handle indexes...
Kevin Clark
10-29-2004 08:32 AM
Rick Bean Go to last post
3 211
I use VFP 6 SP 5. I have also confirmed that the behaviour noted is the same under the VFP 9 beta. I was writing some table comparison code earlier...
Gene Wirchenko
10-26-2004 10:43 AM
Gene Wirchenko Go to last post
5 268
I am reading yet another book from the Hentzenwerke publishing empire: "Microsoft Office Automation with Visual FoxPro". Chapter 13 mentions using...
Gene Wirchenko
10-25-2004 09:38 AM
Rick Bean Go to last post
3 233
I'm wondering what the differences are in Rushmore optimization from FoxPro 8 to FoxPro 9. I recently upgraded to FoxPro 9 and found that some...
Kevin Clark
10-21-2004 10:10 AM
Kevin Clark Go to last post
3 216
OK, I have to maintain this project on FoxBASE 2.0 (DOS/UNIX) I have a file code n,4 date date indexed on str(code)+dtoc(date) at all times set...
Sanjay Minni
10-19-2004 09:35 PM
Cass Lewart Go to last post
2 345
I am using VFP 5.0. There is a line of code that I am looking for. This application is very big. The applications has many forms, classes, prg's and...
10-18-2004 09:19 PM
swdev2 Go to last post
2 211
I am using VFP 5.0. The accounting department wants to create a desktop application. Because the application will keep track of money, rounding is...
10-18-2004 08:40 AM
Rick Bean Go to last post
1 230
In any version of Foxpro when I type ? 1/17 I get 0.06 When I type ? 1/17 pict "99.9999" I get 0.0600 How do I get more significant places? Cass
Cass Lewart
10-14-2004 09:52 PM
Cass Lewart Go to last post
2 267
hey, I have a fantastic program under foxplus, made in the eighties, BUT it doesn't work anymore under windows XP, every time I run the pgrogram I...
10-14-2004 08:40 PM
phantomcyt Go to last post
7 1,512
Hi everybody, I'm trying to figure out the way to convert a small Visual Basic 6 project to Visual FoxPro 7, but I'm stuck in a couple of...
Antonio Vieira
10-14-2004 09:26 AM
Antonio Vieira Go to last post
5 449
I am finding the weird stuff lately. Today's thrilling episode: I am debugging a processing program. A couople of records are giving odd results. ...
Gene Wirchenko
10-14-2004 06:48 AM
Olaf Doschke Go to last post
2 324
Hi, I have to import a file into my mysql-database (or simply load into excel). The extension is dbf, but I dontīt think, thats really a dbf-file....
Gerold Setz
10-13-2004 08:59 AM
Rick Bean Go to last post
1 191
I am reading Markus Egger's "Advanced Object Oriented Programming with Visual FoxPro 6.0". On page 335, he discusses derived attributes/properties...
Gene Wirchenko
10-12-2004 11:14 PM
Gene Wirchenko Go to last post
2 200
I am wanting to use VFP6 to copy files and subfolders to my local drive from the network drive. I am creating a folder using the date function on my...
Matt Peeler
09-30-2004 12:28 PM
Stefan Wuebbe Go to last post
2 270
I need the basics for the OLE Automation APIs for Excel and Word. In case it makes a difference, I have Office 97. Googling did not find me much. ...
Gene Wirchenko
09-29-2004 09:41 AM
ginny523 Go to last post
14 806
Hi, I'm helping a pharmacist friend who has lost all his data and he's willing to pay someone if they can successfully recover it. The files became...
Steve Smith
09-23-2004 01:24 PM
Steve Smith Go to last post
4 254
Dear sir, I want to know when *.spr file is created. If I open file throough wizard. after 5th step I get *.scx and *.sct file pl guide in...
09-19-2004 04:40 AM
Thomas Ganss Go to last post
2 272
Using the file picker, I want to change the name of a PDF to the name of a text field entry automatically. Hows this done? Thanks for the reply...
09-17-2004 02:14 PM
Stefan Wuebbe Go to last post
1 258
This vb code to convert database dbf file to asccii csv format you can open the file then as text file. I am saving the file to "c:\" as...
Walid Khalid
09-16-2004 10:06 PM
Walid Khalid Go to last post
2 273
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