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Hi I'd like to ask you when (if ever) you predict to release native support for Windows. And what PostgreSQL version will be the first...
02-09-2004 04:54 AM
Tony Reina Go to last post
1 187
Hi group - I'm using php to extract data from postgres and print to browser. I have data that was input through checkboxes on a form - each checkbox...
02-08-2004 09:56 AM
mali_djuro Go to last post
1 209
Hi, I wonder how this can happen. A "not null" field is set to "" even if a sequence should set this to next sequence number. Ok, I know it is not...
02-04-2004 02:39 AM
Unregistered Go to last post
1 204
Ah obviously you need to check that execute priveliges are set .. root $ chmod +x...
02-04-2004 02:22 AM
Unregistered Go to last post
2 238
My company is researching the idea of moving from a very large, old and complex UniData DB to something else that is newer and quicker. I was...
01-24-2004 11:02 AM
Christopher Browne Go to last post
1 325
I'm having trouble restoring databases that have to lo type installed in /contrib/lo. The dump seems to work just fine, I get no errors when I...
01-22-2004 10:18 AM
boyd Go to last post
1 223
hi, i make programms with c# and i would like to know if there is an alternative to odbc(wich is not really fast) to dialog with...
01-21-2004 09:52 PM
Nunya Go to last post
1 257
Hi, I'm a novice to postgress and need to constract a simple tree. In my table I have: regionID int parentID int name char I need to do two...
01-19-2004 04:45 PM
boyd Go to last post
1 241
First, this may not be the correct newsgroup. I have some relatively basic questions on SQL. I tried to find a newsgroup that was specifically just...
Steven O.
01-13-2004 06:25 PM
Jeff Boes Go to last post
1 277
I have a tough SQL join query and I figured it out, so I thought you might find it useful. I have 3 tables with tracking numbers in them. I want to...
Google Mike
01-11-2004 09:50 AM
Google Mike Go to last post
1 340
Hi Everyone, I have a rather trivial (I hope) question about OID types and PostgreSQL. Since PostgreSQL creates tables "WITH OIDS" by default,...
Amir Khawaja
01-09-2004 07:24 PM
boyd Go to last post
1 348
Hello, Im trying to get some kde database application working, but I cant get them connected to the postgres server. psql connect seamlessly with -...
12-30-2003 09:49 AM
Tim Ashman Go to last post
3 243
Hi, I am looking for a database engine which: 1) runs under Windows (multiple versions) 2) Can be redistributed without additional fees as part of...
12-12-2003 07:57 AM
Tony Reina Go to last post
3 266
Is it reasonable to have a table with about 300 columns? There will be about 2500 rows. The data does not normalize. The alternative would be about...
Thomas Reat
12-04-2003 12:13 AM
Eric Friedman Go to last post
2 219
Hello I have database: base and user: vertigo. When i log into that database from pgsql: #psql base -U pgsql and try to give user vertigo all...
11-21-2003 07:51 AM
vertigo Go to last post
1 189
Hello all, I have a table with among other things a timestamp field. To get the count of records per hour I do: select count(*) as...
Joseph Santaniello
11-17-2003 11:31 AM
Jeff Boes Go to last post
1 200
Hello! I need a mdb 2 PostgtreSQL migration tool (something similar to pgAdmin plugin - "Database migration wizard") that don't needs Microsoft...
Pawel Gruszka
11-17-2003 07:03 AM
Pawel Gruszka Go to last post
2 235
where I can download a windows version of PostGreSql.
Radhika Dileep
11-07-2003 01:44 AM
cansea Go to last post
1 193
I want to create a rule that transforms a query on one table to a query on many with table names and columns named after one of the columns in the...
Thomas Reat
11-02-2003 03:48 PM
Thomas Reat Go to last post
1 328
I need to know if is possible to read oracle tables from PostgresSQL. Can someone give me some help? Thanks a lot
10-15-2003 09:45 PM
Tim Ashman Go to last post
1 318
Hi, I've got a table in PostgreSql 7.3.2 that has a serial column as a primary key. I want to insert data into the table (inserting values for...
10-15-2003 03:32 PM
sebmil Go to last post
1 220
I am goign to implement a website that has a slashdot like program running the site, but I am goign to use PostgreSQL. Does anyone know of some...
10-12-2003 05:13 PM
toy Go to last post
1 184
Hi! Is it ok to store binary files within postgresql? Won't it blow the database size up the sky? Regards -- Marcin "Dentharg" Gil RLU# 221865 ::...
Marcin Gil
10-07-2003 02:11 AM
Marcin Gil Go to last post
2 348
Hi, I am trying to get the meta data of a sequence that I created out from the system catalogs, so that I can reconstruct the SQL Statement. I need...
10-03-2003 10:29 AM
Adam Ruth Go to last post
1 220
Hi, I was wondering if anybody here has any feedback on the windows version of PostgreSQL from DBExperts. Stability Speed Support Anything else I...
10-02-2003 12:27 PM
wise-owl Go to last post
2 243
Hello How can i do full backup of selected database (structures and all records) from client ? I want to make full backup, so that later i could...
10-01-2003 02:33 PM
Sean Callaway Go to last post
1 261
daisy_nhy (AT) yahoo (DOT) com.hk (DN) wrote in message news:<2fe0c44c.0309191155.41003c9c (AT) posting (DOT) google.com>... The JAR file containing...
Fco Piragibe
09-21-2003 05:39 AM
DN Go to last post
1 177
These are two distinct issues, JP. First of all, POSTGRES depends on CYGIPC to work properly. Prior to activating your server, you should call...
09-20-2003 11:03 PM
Fco Piragibe Go to last post
1 204
Hi gurus, Anyone knows how to solve this? I was playing around with triggers on my own machine which runs 7.3 and there it works okey, but when...
Andreas Forsgren
09-19-2003 05:08 AM
Andreas Forsgren Go to last post
1 303
Hi all, Can any one give me a link/tutorial for using arrays in databases..I need Queries to access the arrays as well... Thanx in...
09-17-2003 05:41 AM
Harry Broomhall Go to last post
1 207
I need to answer the following: Write a query to show how many yachts of each type there are in the following table: Yacht (yacht_ID, name,...
09-07-2003 12:14 AM
Wiseguy Go to last post
1 223
My date setting is ISO with US conventions, and output from a select is in the form yyyy-mm-dd (2002-01-18, for example. When I do a select such...
John Velman
09-04-2003 12:04 AM
Dagoberto Go to last post
1 194
Here is some additional info about my problem: UPDATE meldingen SET lokaalcode_new = cast(lokaalcode as smallint); ERROR: Cannot cast type...
Beckx Geert
08-29-2003 04:50 AM
Beckx Geert Go to last post
1 249
hi, how to implement mysql's last_insert_id() ? i know that seqences and oids are great. the one thing i miss is that they are not session...
Michal Adamczakk
08-22-2003 03:19 PM
Michal Adamczakk Go to last post
1 262
Hello everyone, I am a new user of postgresql... I have to create a table named person like: create table person ( personname...
08-13-2003 04:55 PM
sebmil Go to last post
1 250
Gentlemen, I am hoping to be able to use GForge on my windows PC. To that end I have installed: 1. cygwin 2. reinstalled cygwin and selected cygipc,...
Bill Grigg
08-08-2003 10:01 AM
Chris Church Go to last post
1 305
I'm trying to execute a query in a postgresql database when the following message displays: State: S1000 Code: 7 Message: ERROR: parser: parse...
08-07-2003 09:45 AM
rstp Go to last post
1 226
Sanjay Minni wrote: size, whatever that might be. In newsgroups there are many mentions of dbs between the size of 4-20 GB.
08-05-2003 02:03 PM
Christopher Browne Go to last post
1 190
What database recovery systems are available in Postgres Please point me to the respective section in the documentation Thanks Sanjay...
Sanjay Minni
08-05-2003 12:16 PM
rstp Go to last post
1 303
Hi Ron, Thanks for the tip to postgresql.org. :-( What is the URL of the news (nntp://) server that you responded to my message on? Many...
Anthony Ewell
08-02-2003 02:35 PM
Anthony Ewell Go to last post
2 232
Hi! I dumped a DB using pg_dump from version 7.2.3 and tried to read it into DB with psql|pg_restore of version 7.3.3. I got an error 'pg_atoi:...
Marcin Gil
08-01-2003 08:16 PM
Sean Utt Go to last post
6 262
I am writing an application that inserts into a PostgreSQL database, but I would like to know whenever a rollback occurs, whether there is an...
Michael Dean
07-31-2003 10:18 PM
Sean Utt Go to last post
2 199
Hi All, I am in the unique situation of designing a new Red Hat 9 server to run a Postgres database in a small company. The database that is being...
Anthony Ewell
07-31-2003 10:42 AM
rstp Go to last post
1 179
Bill Grigg wrote: Postgres does come with the cygwin package, or at least it did. Based on my vague recollection and even vaguer notes, on one of...
07-30-2003 10:47 AM
Bill Grigg Go to last post
3 255
Hi All - is there a way to enable multibyte encoding after I have already installed Postgres on Linux ? I need to be able to accept French...
Sylvie Stone
07-29-2003 03:57 PM
rstp Go to last post
1 202
If a row of data has been locked FOR UPDATE, how can one determine WHO has it locked? -- Hal Davison Davison Consulting
Hal Davison
07-22-2003 11:03 AM
rstp Go to last post
1 456
Hi... I am currently working on a Java-based product that is backed by PostgreSQL (among other databases). I have noticed that PostgreSQL appears...
Bill Kratzer
07-22-2003 10:53 AM
rstp Go to last post
1 262
Can I install Posgresql on slackware linux? This package doesn't include with slackware. I have visited on postgresql website, but it only for Red...
07-19-2003 11:17 AM
Christopher Browne Go to last post
1 328
My problem is just that -- I might be trying to delete a table that does not exist. My problem is really not related to dependencies on other tables,...
Luiz-Otavio Zorzella
07-17-2003 01:56 PM
rstp Go to last post
1 430
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