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Mitch Pirtle
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Default Re: possible to access a Linux box db from a Windows box via a GUI? - 10-16-2004 , 07:51 PM

And don't forget to make the proper changes to postgresql.conf (enable
tcp_ip) and pg_hba.conf to accept connections from your PC's ip

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 16:00:12 -0400, Sean Davis <sdavis2 (AT) mail (DOT) nih.gov> wrote:
Look at pgadmin III (http://www.pgadmin.org/pgadmin3/index.php).


On Oct 12, 2004, at 3:56 PM, Daniel Lerch wrote:

It occured to me that I might have an easier time learning PostgreSQL
if I start off with a GUI instead of just command line.
But I access the database over our LAN -- I'm on a Windows 2000 box,
and the psql database is on a Linux box. I've been accessing it by
running PuTTY.

So, my question is - is there a GUI program I can run off my Windows
2000 box that will allow me to access myt psql database on the Linux
box? Or do I have no choice but run the GUI on the Linux box?



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Hari Bhanujan
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Default Re: Postgresql for Dummies? - 10-20-2004 , 12:37 AM

One novice to another -

Start with the site postgresql.org.

There is a book called "Postgresql" by Korry and Susan Douglas.

That should help you get started with 7.x.x version of PostgreSql.


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In article <416C27F2.50004 (AT) mountainmeasurement (DOT) com>, Daniel Lerch
<daniel (AT) mountainmeasurement (DOT) com> wrote:

I need to learn how to work with PostgreSQL for work, but I am
*completely* unfamiliar with the program, almost completely unfamiliar

with databases (I've only worked with very basic databases in MS
Access), and relateively unfamiliar with using non-GUI programs.

In other words, I need a 'Postgresql for Dummies' book - something
will start at the most basic level. The books I've seen out there on
Amazon.com and other places all seem to be aimed at developers,
Where can I go to get a basic, basic, BASIC tutorial/guidebook for
learning PostgreSQL?


Daniel Lerch
Portland, Oregon

Hi Daniel

I'm a recent starter, and have the O'Reilly 'Practical Postgresql'.
However, I must say I found that a daunting task to start with. So my
advice would be: Get the book, beause you're going to need it, but
don't start with it; it'll come into its own when you're using it as a
reference. So first, check the postgresql site documentation, and look
out for tutorials, AND go googling for other postgresql tutorials. That
go me started, because it is EXTREMELY easy to get started - it's just
that the books don't make it look easy! The complexity is in getting
the data out and 'operating' on it! It's really easy to set up a
database and get data into it.

I'll say that I am reasonably familiar with command line work, as a
Linux user. If you need that, it may be a good idea to get used to that
without tyring to learn postgresql at the same time.

If you were a Dummy, you wouldn't be choosing to use postgresql!

Good Luck, and Holler again if you need good solid amateur advice in
plain English.


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